David J Galloway

poyms for people

David Galloway’s poyms for people is filled with a poetry of great heart, optimism, and cheer. “Cheer,” as William Meredith has written, that “is hidden in right words.” Galloway’s accessible, precisely rendered narratives about his Virginia ancestors, Maryland boyhood, fatherhood, and experiences in Russia are not, however, cheery but rather wry and unswerving encounters that recognize what’s lost or “forever broken” in our lives as well as what we learn to be thankful for.

Michael Collier, author of The Missing Mountain: New and Selected Poems, and Director Emeritus, Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences

It’s not often a poet can so accurately illustrate the creation process, an ars poetica, but in Galloway’s poyms for people, we have just that. A “poym” (instead of the more pretentious “poem”) is “essential / alive,” and made up of the detritus of a life well lived. These poyms explore the magic and the spark, the moments that make life a work of art— discovering a baby bottle of milk left for years in the refrigerator, climbing a tree as an adult with a sense of elation, enjoying a moment of wonder at a candy factory in Moscow: “here comes another—” Galloway tells us, “catch it before it is gone.”

Katherine Hoerth, author of Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots

David Galloway’s poyms for people clearly exemplifies his belief that, in poetry, “…story is everything/and everything is story….” The remarkable poems in this debut collection are a celebration of life, touching on the myths and mysteries of heritage, the joys and fears of childhood, and the complex and often contradictory nature of parenthood. They provide the reader with fascinating glimpses of life and travel in France, Ireland, and his favorite and most frequent destination, Russia. Galloway has a keen eye for detail, a riveting command of irony, and a delightful sense of self-deprecating humor, all of which make poyms for people a pleasure to read. I highly recommend it.

Bill Jones, author of At Sunset, Facing East and Still Life in a Hurricane

Poyms for People strikes a fine balance. It radiates warmth and familiarity, without becoming cloying or overly sweet. It’s rich and detailed, without simply falling back on nostalgia. It feels, in the final analysis, like a wise, gently humorous, and highly-perceptive journey through a life that has been lived to the full.”

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